A simple menu, from independent and passionate producers!

Because you can’t have one without the other! Red wine with sausages from Toto, our butcher friend. White wine with the plate of clams. Fruity, full-bodied, sweet, generous, sparkling… At La Belle Folie, we love good wines. The menu is minimalist, but the selection rigorous. With passionate winemakers, with the aim of discovering areas whose values we share. Sip a drink from aperitif hours onwards, in a “guinguette” style atmosphere.

Beers, cocktails and house specialities complete the range.

A simple and quality menu, in keeping with our cuisine. Note to lovers of a substantial aperitif: starters and tapas are served from 5 pm.

Among our recommendations, try the wines of the Génaudières domaine, which includes… La Belle-Folie! And do not hesitate to share your recommendations with us.

For information: Syrups €1.50 / Breizh Sodas €2.50 / Coffee €1.80 / Organic draft beer €3 / Glass of Belle Folie €5 / Bottle of Muscadet €15

Our small environmental gestures:

  • A reduced menu, in terms of both quantity and kilometres, to limit transport
  • Soft drinks made in Morbihan
  • Homemade sparkling water
  • Limited use of glass and plastic bottles
  • No plastic straws or twizzle sticks
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