At Belle-Folie, everyone enjoys themselves and relaxes as they wish.

Is this book good? What is the wi-fi code? Ah, indulge in a little nap in the hammock, in the garden… what happiness!
At Belle-Folie, everyone enjoys themselves and relaxes as they wish. Sometimes, we lend a hand. With concerts. Dances. Exhibitions. Children’s shows or talks for the older members of the family. Circus, theatre and yoga classes.
Do the tree pose in the heart of the Kergo forest… A no-brainer!

Our desire: to make culture accessible to all and promote local artistic talent.

Meet at the heart of the site, in the greenhouse, ideal for lounging about and playing, all year round.

In the garden we grow, or at least, we try!

But also the art of exchange and sharing

In the garden of La Belle Folie, we grow. Carrots, leeks, tomatoes, basil… But also the art of exchange. Sharing. Transmitting. Our wish? To make our small contribution to this world in transition. Food, waste and resources… So many challenges and themes make up our educational workshops. Training in agroecology practices and permaculture techniques are also on the program. Sustainable, this garden is for everyone. It’s up to everyone to put their hands… to the ground!

A small garden will become large, with nature’s will and that of women and men!

A point of sale for local producers, microbrewery, seed exchange, recycling centre… Around the vegetable garden, ideas will germinate. Let us know yours!


Our small environmental gestures:

  • Games that are second-hand or recycled, or made in “short production circuits” or even home-made
  • Preference given to natural materials
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